Custom Production time: 30 days

Serbian Chef Knife

Overall length:305 mm / 12 in
Blade length:175 mm / 6.9 in
Blade thickness:3 mm / 0.12 in
Hardness:62 HRc
Handle:Olneya tesota (Desert ironwood)
Width:80 mm / 3.14 in

Serbian knife is the ultimate dream knife for all chefs! Its sophisticated design makes it pleasant to work with. This hand-forged Serbian knife is the result of years of perfectioning. More than an eyecatcher, this model is very versatile and will be your ideal companion in your everyday cooking as well as for BBQs and outdoors. The Serbian knife cuts and chops effortlessly through meat and vegetables.


Thanks to its thin blade of only 3 mm (0.12 inch), the Serbian knife lets you cut effortlessly and precisely through almost everything. Whether you’d like to quickly chop a bunch of onions and tomatoes, or slice a chicken breast for a BBQ with friends: the Serbian knife will do the task effortlessly. With a weight of 350 g (0.77 lbs), it’s slightly heavier than most other knives in our collection. Inspired by the popular knife, our Serbian knife is the ultimate eyecatcher.

Please note that the Serbian knife is not suitable for cutting bones. If you’re looking for a knife to cut bones, check out our Serbian Bushcraft knife.

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