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Overall length:170 mm / 6.69 in
Blade length:80 mm / 3.14 in
Blade thickness:3 mm / 0.12 in
Hardness:58 HRc
Blade finish:Blackwashed
Handle:USA G10
Sheath:Kydex USA
Weight:63 gr / 0.14 lb

Not a big working knife. Light and bright - perfect for mountains and forests. The suspension can be removed and worn as a neck knife, or on a carabiner on the equipment.

Yakut knife (Yakut. Bihah) - a kind of knife used by the natives of Yakutia. It is one of the most famous objects of culture of Yakutia.

The blade of the Yakut knife is pointed, has a blade on one side and a straight (or almost straight) butt. A feature of the Yakut knife is the asymmetrical sharpening of the blade. On the one hand, the blade of the knife is flat, has a dollar (if you look from the side of the butt - the right side of the blade). The opposite (left) side of the blade is curved. This is done so that when working with a knife knife "does not bury" in the material. In this regard, for right-handed and left-handed knives are different. For left-handers make knives with a mirror-inverted asymmetry of the blade.

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